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“Teleportation through the Wormhole”

宮下 翔一郎

--- Abstract ---

Quantum teleportation is one of the interesting phenomena in quantum mechanics. If two distantly separated experimenters, Alice and Bob, share entangled systems, one (for example, Alice) can transfer a unknown quantum state to the other (Bob) with local operations and classical communications. Although this protocol does not provide superluminal transportation, the unknown quantum state at the Alice’s hand “instantaneously” disappears, while it appears “instantaneously” on the Bob’s hand. That’s why it is called “teleportation.”
This is the story of quantum teleportation for “teleporters.” However, if you care about “teleportee,” the story continues. Einstein-Rosen=Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (ER=EPR) principle states that any entangled systems are connected through (untraversable) wormholes. According to that principle, Alice’s system and Bob’s system are connected through some untraversable wormhole. The recent analyses of quantum teleportation protocol, with the power of AdS/CFT, indicate that the protocol make the wormhole traversable and the teleportee actually sails through the wormhole during the teleportation !
In this Colloquium, I will briefly review the recent papers relating to “teleportation through the wormhole” after explaining the quantum teleportation protocol, ER=EPR, and the other important notions to understand the papers.





“Variational principle of perfect fluid on Finsler spacetime”

矢萩 量子 [お茶の水大]

--- Abstract ---

Finsler geometry is a generalization of Riemannian geometry and it has been playing a crucial role in variational principle. Meanwhile, fluid equations are mostly derived in a phenomenological way. Studies on the variational principle of fluid do exist, but they interpolate indirect fields that do not appear in the final equations. We studied fluid on Finsler spacetime where the corresponding Lagrangian contains only velocity, density, and pressure. We showed that the Euler equation and the equation of continuity of perfect fluid are derived in a way of Finsler geometry. As an example, we chose a relativistic fluid.

場所:54号館 2階 202教室


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