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“Orbital Evolution with Tidal Dissipation ”

鈴木 遼 (Haruka Suzuki)

--- Abstract ---

Stars and planets have finite volume, so they are deformed by external gravitational field. This is called tidal deformation. A deformed star make gravitational field different from that made by spherical one and this difference effects on the secular orbital evolution. Especially, the tidal deformation with energy dissipation, called tidal dissipation, causes secular orbital shrink and circularization. This effects are quite important for the formations of the close binary and exoplanets. My motivation is to calculate orbital evolution with tidal dissipation. In my talk, I will explain about the formulation of tidal effects on orbital evolution. I will review the widely-used method, called “weak friction model,” and point out its problem and introduce some current researches.





“Neutrino oscillations in core-collapse supernovae and their effects on nucleosynthesis ”

佐々木 宏和 (Hirokazu Sasaki) [国立天文台]

--- Abstract ---

Neutrinos are produced inside astrophysical sites such as the Sun, core-collapse supernovae, blazars and neutron-star mergers. Such neutrinos would change their flavors significantly owing to refractive effects of background electrons and neutrinos themselves. In core-collapse supernovae, large numbers of neutrinos are produced and emitted from the proto-neutron star after core-bounce. It is considered that collective neutrino oscillations are caused by self-interacting neutrinos near the proto-neutron star (~100 km). Such refractive effect increases energetic (anti)electron neutrinos, which is expected to affect supernova explosion and nucleosynthesis. We show a numerical result of neutrino oscillations in core-collapse supernovae and mention how collective neutrino oscillations enhance nucleosynthesis in neutrino-driven winds. Our result would be helpful to more realistic studies to reveal the origin of solar-system isotopic abundances of p-nuclei.



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